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Torsional Rigidity

Lots of car Torsional Rigidity (Source), PDF

More Thorough list of rigidity, including BMW: Link, PDF

How to add torsional rigidity effectively: Link, PDF

- this may be better for building chassis

BMW Chassis

E46 Changes year by year: Link, PDF

E92 M3 Acceleration times: Link, PDF

F80 M3 Mass launch technical sheet:

File:F80 F82 Technical Info.pdf

Wheels and Tires

Tire Size Calculator:

Wheel Fitting in suspension calculator

All BMW Style wheels: Link, PDF

Reading Tires: Link, PDF


Gears and revs RPM calculator

Breakdown on B58 Engine, PDF

-note, this is honestly a fantastic breakdown and even explains on a very technical level how this engine has changed from N55

Torsional Benefits of a strut bar


Quick Suspension conversions:

700 lb/in = 12.5 kg/mm
650 lb/in = 11.6 kg/mm
600 lb/in = 10.7 kg/mm
550 lb/in = 9.8 kg/mm
500 lb/in = 8.9 kg/mm
450 lb/in = 8 kg/mm
400 lb/in = 7.1 kg/mm
350 lb/in = 6.2 kg/mm
300 lb/in = 5.3 kg/mm
250 lb/in = 4.5 kg/mm


Front Back
Caster 6.7
Toe 0 0.10

Good Alignment Reference page: (Link)

File:E46 Alignment Specs.pdf


Coding for F-Series guide: Link,

File:F Series coding guide.pdf

Download software for F-Series Coding (Sean Download everything): Link,Link

NCS Dummy Guide: Link, PDF

NCS Expert Guide: Link,PDFDownload All E-Series software: Link

Future Mods:

Yo, you remember ronald at He makes bomb custom shifters: Link to a review

Preferred wrap color:646m wrap

cool vent gauge when better engine: