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Comfort Access Information

E46 thread on how to integrate it:: Link, PDF's of each page: Pg1 Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8)

NewTIS Links:

System Overview: Link, PDF

Operation Overview: Link, PDF

Pinout of CAS module: Link, PDF

iDrive emulators and harnesses:

Full iDrive Harness: Link

CAS+ harness for Comfort Access: Link

Keyless Entry Harness: Link

Full Plug-N-Play kit into E46: Link

Servotronic M3 Rack information

Servotronic overview: Link and PDF

E92 M3 DME Pinout: Link and PDF

Servotronic is in E83, controlled by its own unit: Link andPDF

Junction Box FUB: Link and PDF

Link to thread where 1addicts used the 1M to make it communicate (too large to archive): Link

One poster said:

I activated the servo manually with a PWM circuitit can be set from fully soft to hardunfortunately a static setting will not suffice, it will be ok as parking speeds but too soft for high speed or vice versa...We need speed dependant control coming from the DME

Lumbar unit from E93

BMW Document on how to install Lumbar: E46 Lumbar REP

Lumbar (back unit) wiring diagram: Link and PDF

Lumbar (bolster unit) wiring diagram: Link and PDF

How to deal with adding a lumbar button, full DIY: Link and PDF

E46 Connector Diagram