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R53 Mini Steering pump conversion

So the steering lines of the Mini use the same bolts into the rack, so you could likely use those lines to plug into the pump. Mounting the pump will be the only challenge. Stock lines also used the same reservoir. It did have overheating issues so make sure it gets airflow, but also recognize on a MINI its between a heat shielded firewall and the exhaust manifold.

- RealOEM of pump itself: Link

- FUB on the pump: Link

- Wiring diagram 1: Link

- Wiring diagram 2: Link

- About it CAN signal (huh): Link

Rear Subframe Reinforcement:

Note: "Dimple die metal" increases strength with thinner metal

Vert nice picture heavy (HQ) DIY of Vince Bar: Link,

File:Picture heavy vince bar DIY.pdf

VinceBar under seat design (M3Forum): Link

VinceBar look through subframe (M3Forum): Link

Look at Internal Design (CMP Auto Engineering)(Dead...fuck): Link

- It seems this guide has been made into a shitty "Blog". Here are the important parts: Top reinforcement, bottom reinforcement

Front Sway Bar Reinforcement

How User Paraklas Did it (E46Fanatics): Link

Sway part 1:
Sway Part 2
Sway part 3

Steering and Brakes

MR2 steering pump conversion: Link, Page 1, Page 2

F30 BBK: Link, Page 1, Page 2

TLDR: F30 caliper, 345mm rotors, shaved pad slightly so it doesn't hit the hat, stainless steel brake lines, maybe a washer but unlikely. Can use stock 325mm rotors and then you have to shave the outside of the pad